The “Holy Trinity” Monastery in Dobri Dol

The legend of the place says: One of the daughters of the leader of the Pleven – Osman Pasha, was blind. Her father tried to heal her in every way. But the years have passed, and he has not succeeded. Then he met an old odalisque, told her his pain, and she said, “You will go down into the valley with big trees near the spring and she will recover. But there you will promise that you will do well if your daughter heals … “.

Said and done. The sad father sent his blind doughter to that beautiful place where she was healed, performing a miracle through the power of God and through the prayers of a local monk. Pasha asked what to do to express gratitude and thought. He left two large bags with white coins to build a temple there. Indeed, this has happened. A small wooden chapel was built in the beautiful area, which served many years to the people who came here for the healing water …

This happened in the 17th century. This is the legend of the Monastery ”St. Trinity of Dobri Dol”. The construction of the first chapel was followed by a long effort to expand the holy place.

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