“Todorini kukli” Peak

“Todorini kukli” (Todora’s distaff) are a group of 4 rocky peaks in the Western Balkans, the largest being 1785 m high. It is 10 km southwest of Varshets and 6 km northeast of Petrohan Pass. Legend says that many centuries ago in the village of Spanchevtsi lived a very beautiful girl named Todora. On a late autumn day, she summoned a large Gathering in her father’s yard. She made a big fire around which the girls and the bachelors from the village were surrounded. The girls sang as they weaved and knitted, and the boys broke nuts and sang along with the virgins on long shepard’s pipe and flute. The boys and girls have made a bet to see who will climb before the song of the roosters on the top of the mountain and put a spear on the highest peaks. None of the boys had the courage. Then Todora decided to climb the mountain alone. The boys and girls were amazed, all who were present at Todora’s words were astonished.

She left in the darkness of the night. When she reached the top of the peak, she began to insert the distaff into the small glade. The earth being stony, she knelt down to push the distaff with all her power. When she managed to insert the distaff into the ground, she tried to rise, but an unseen power pulled her apron. Todora tried to pull off her apron and pulled with all her strength, going back and falling into the precipice.

Since then these beautiful peaks are called Todorini kukli.