Stovtsi Peak / Split Stone /

The split stone, marked on the topographic maps as “one hundred sheep”, is a rock with a height of 95 m, on the ridge between Smolyanovtsi village, on the international road E79 and the Ogosta river valley, near Prevala village, Montana county. Legend says that once there was a water mill called “Haidushka”. There was also a fountain that allowed the animals to grow. Horses, goats and a herd of 100 sheep lived in the beautiful area. Every morning a shepherd would sing to a copper pipe. His companion was a black ram with horns. One morning, as soon as he heard the song of the flute, the ram headed for the shepherd. He was so happy that he knocked the man down in the precipice and fell after him. Then followed the 100 sheep. Since then, the area has been called One Hundred Sheep, and over the years to sound better, it began to be called Stovtsi.