Once upon a time there was a terrible dragon that kept innumerable treasures, buried in the Kipichevo area. The area is located between the villages of Gradets and Kalenik – passes through the river Topolovets, over an old Roman bridge

In the area of Kipichevo, in the land of the village of Gradets, there is a small swamp overgrown with reeds. There was a small bridge near it. On a holiday in the village of Kalenik there was a band of robbers led by Solak. The robbers ate and drank to their heart’s content, then sang and danced. Their leader was also having fun and was constantly tapping his foot in the same place on the bridge … One of the people noticed this, later returned to the same place, dug it up and found money …..

But some think the truth is quite different.

The legend tells of two brothers who crossed the bridge on the way to their fields. The older brother saw that something was shining, went down and saw a coin, but said that he saw the head of the dragon, whose scales were shining. Later he returned and took the gold. But he gave nothing to his brother. The big brother bought many fields, forests, meadows, land, got married, had children, but died in the prime of his life. The heavy curse of stolen gold befell him. The little brother lived to a ripe old age, but without wealth.

The legends tell that gold and treasure are cursed and bring unhappiness to the people who take them. If a person did not have the courage to make a donation, to build something for the benefit of the people, he was cursed and passed the curse on to his family.

And the people who have gratly donated and built for society remain in the memory and memories of society as worthy people.

The legend is recreated in Vanyo Todorov’s book “Gracan Traditions and Legends”

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