Pyramids of Pishurka village

Pishurka is a village in north-western Bulgaria. It is located in Medkovets municipality, Montana county. The mysterious pyramids were discovered in the village area by a scientist who accidentally saw them while searching for ancient artefacts – clay pots from the copper-stone age. When he looked from a right angle, his assumption was confirmed and he was literally struck by what he saw. Currently, experts are coming to Pishurka to investigate the whole area in detail, as well as to check if they find something exceptional inside the buildings. The population of Pishurka village says that the two pyramids were always there, but no one ever gave them any meaning. It is clear that one pyramid is called the “Pyramid of Dzhodzhena (peppermint)”, because on its entire surface aromatic spice grows, and the other is the Pyramid of Pishurka, named after the famous consciousness-raiser and poet Krastyo Pishurka, whose name the village also has.