The legend of the rocks in Belogradchik

The most widespread legend about the rocks in Belogradchik is the legend of the two remarkable figures – the Monk and the Nun. In the ancient times on the highest peaks of Belogradchik area were two monasteries: for men and women. Among the nuns was one of extraordinary beauty – Sister Vitiniya (Vita). Before, the girl was often meeting a beautiful, tall shepherd, with black eyes and black hair as the cinder. He sang very well at the flute. Vita listened to his songs flowing like a swift stream and a great love began to grow in her heart. Her parents sent her to the Monastery of Girls. Days and nights, Vita was crying alone in her dark cell. But one night, Vita heard the sad, distant voice of a flute. The music came from somewhere from the top where the men’s monastery was. Since then, every night, when the rest of the people were sleeping and resting, Vita listened to the song of the flute that soothed her soul and thus awaited the sunrise. The two lovers began to secretly meet. A child was born, and the nuns cursed her and drove her out of the monastery. Her lover looked at her and wondered how he could help her. And suddenly a miracle happened: the earth shook, and the nuns’ monastery was thrown into a tumultuous whirlwind, burying all those inside. Vitiniya was petrified as she prayed for her child’s sake. The fleeing monks were also petrified. Petrified in front of the door of the monastery remained Luca, the lover of Vitiniya.

And today you can see the remains of the collapsed monastery, the petrified monks and, above all, the petrified figures of Luca and Vitiniya – the Monk and the Nun.

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