The legend of Ivancho’s Meadow

The legend tells us: Grandfather Ivan spent most of his time at the sheepfold located in a pine forest near Varshets. With him lived his granddaughter Miglena – an orphan child who remained without her parents when she was a little girl.

In the fresh air and from the fresh milk, under the warm care of her grandfather, the girl grew beautiful, became good and diligent. One day, the Turks knocked on Grandfather Ivan’s door. His grandfather and granddaughter kindly welcomed the guests. They gave them fresh milk, treated them well. Then the Turks asked Grandfather Ivan to take through the Koznitsa Mountains to get to Serdika faster.

As he was old and sick, they left with Miglena. The girl rode the horse in front of the line through the steep valleys and led the Turks over the mountain peaks until dark.

Miglena felt more than she saw in the great darkness.  She had to jump, so that the people in the column behind her didn’t understand what was going on. Without stopping for a moment, the girl lifted her horse and plunged into the precipice. After her, all the Turks fell. Later, in the area where Ivancho’s sheepfolds were found, the people named the place “Ivan”s Meadow”, in honour of the old man, who educated his granddaughter in a spirit of disobedience towards the conquerors and with great love for the oppressed. Every year, thousands of people go to rest in the town of Varshets to visit this wonderful place. They breathe the fresh, fragrant air, listen to the song of the birds and think of those distant and cruel times.