Legend of the footsteps of Krali Marko and his horse Sharkoliya

His power came from the milk he sucked from the Gyurghya samodiva (mystical woman in the forest), and his mind and cunning were from God.

Shetau Mark, with the Sharkoliya horse, rode all over the enslaved Christian land and by right faith fought and protected Christians from Ottoman invaders.

Marko and his horse rode on Christian lands enslaved by the Turks and fought for faith and justice and protected the Christian from the Ottoman invaders.

Marko was walking on our land – traces of his footsteps and of the horse you will find them all the way from the Danube to the Balkans of Vratsa.

Krali Marko and his horse jumped from the Balkans to the highest hill in the west of Oryahovo. He jumped when he heard the cries of the Bulgarians cut off by the scimitar of the bloody unbelievers, who were heard from Oryahovo to Sofia’s plain. Marko heard them and went to help. After the strong jump in the stone, the footprint of the horse’s hoof remained. This hill was named by the people after Marko Bair.