The legend about the town of Berkovitsa

About the origin of the name of the town of Berkovitsa there were many and different legends and stories. One of the legends explains that the name consists of the combination of the male name Berko and the female name Vitsa. It all happened during the Ottoman rule, when in the settlement near the hill “Kaleto” established a Turkish Bei. In the village lived a beautiful virgin by the name of Vitsa. The Turkish Bei had the opportunity to see how Vitsa sings and dances, he really liked her and decided to take he to her harem. She refused because she had sworn to her lover Berko. The Bei ordered Berko and Vitsa to be caught and he would have forgiven them on one condition – Berko should bring Vitsa on his shoulder, with his hands tied, to the Kaleto Peak. The Bei wanted to make a cruel joke with the young lovers. The road was difficult. At every step Berko was stumbling as he fell. Vitsa was sticking to him, she wanted to make it easy as a feather, and he would have wings of an eagle and fly. And the people who accompanied him, crawling with him, shouted: “Still little, Berko, still little, Vitsa”. The forest that was near said: “Berko …., Vitsa …, Berko …. and Vitsa …, Berkovitsa …”

Berko reached the top of the mountain and knelt down to leave Vitsa. The Bei made a face. Berko and Vitsa returned with bright faces to worship the Bei and thank them for their mercy. The Bei raised his hand to accept the salute and … sent two bullets in response. Like a wounded hawk and a turtle dove, Berko and Vitsa flew off the steep rock.

The “Kaleto” hill became the standard bearer of the locality, which people then called Berkovitsa. This legend is also known today by the little ones and the big ones”.