The legend of Augusta Treasure

In the northern part of the village of Harlets, in the direction of the Danube, there are the remains of the ancient Byzantine fortress “Augusta”.

The sun came out, walked and left … The last rays of the sun illuminated the turbulent waters of the river. Slowly, the darkness creeps in …

With great difficulty, Grandpa Petko removes his eyes from the golden waves of the river and begins to gather his flock scattered through the meadow. As he called his sheep, the old man still felt the joy in his heart and could not help but marvel at this divine world. As his shepherd’s rod went and swirled, he suddenly stopped scared by a powerful lightning that seemed to split the earth.  What to see the old man: beyond the river, from the ground to the sky a white glow surrounded the foretress. And without taking his eyes off the light, he quickly undresses, ties his clothes and enters the water, forgetting the flock of sheep. He crossed the water like a dream and entered through the iron gate in Augusta.

And what he saw before her eyes: at the end of a not very wide corridor, a treasure shone like a sun. He took courage the shepherd, he crossed the hall, he entered the room and he almost screamed in astonishment. It was filled with gold, precious stones and other unseen jewellery. Vases of copper, gold and silver, beautiful and shiny jewellery, and big yellow coins were shining on the floor.  – It was a dream !?

Opened the clenched fists and from there fell some shiny coins.

He looked up and saw that the white light above Augustus had disappeared.

– No, it was not. It was a miracle!
His heart was beating and he ran and told the other shepherds about all the wonders he had seen, about the luck with which he had come to enter and see those incredible riches, through the door that opens once at one thousand years.

“Will they believe me?” – Grandpa Petko couldn’t stop to wonder, as he crossed the river.