The fountain in the village of Balyuvitsa, Berkovitsa

In Montana County, 13 km from Berkovitsa, is situated the small village of Balyuvitsa. Near the village, in a place full of mysteries, a sacred and healing water flows. The fountain is small, but with great powers. Its healing waters flowed through this place from the distant past, when, attracted by the idea of discovering gold in the cliffs around the healing water, treasure hunters dug the area in search of the precious metals. But they found a much bigger treasure – old books. In 1977, following the earthquake in Vrancea, the well was covered with large fragments of rock. Water has found a way to break the stone. It is said that in time the stones fell apart and the stream began to flow again as if it had never stopped. The sacred water of the spring / water, which is near a sacred place for Christianity / mainly heals the eyes.