Baba Vida Fortress, Vidin town

Baba Vida, also called Baba Vida Towers, is a medieval fortress in Vidin. The name Baba Vida, known today, comes from a popular legend that says as follows:

Long ago, two brothers and two sisters lived: Gamzo, Kosta, Kula and Vida. They couldn’t live together because they were constantly arguing. One day after a long conversation, they decided to break up and each of them set up a town. The eldest brother, Gamzo, built Gamzigrad, Kosta – Kostolets, Kula – Kula and Vida, who was the smallest but most clever and cunning, built Vidin town. Thus were created these towns-fortresses, where many people from the surrounding areas settled. Sisters Kula and Vida were much smarter and more cunning than their brothers, and for this reason the new settlers were always coming to their cities, especially Vidin, and these settlements became larger and with more population. The brothers saw much of their lives and did not care about anything else. Gamzo loved vineyards – he planted on all his vineyards and produced the famous wine which is now known as “Gamza”.

According to another legend, the two sisters Vida and Kula had no brothers. Life was very beautiful. Many men wanted her, but she didn’t like any of them. Kula often told her that she had to get married, but Vida was upset about her advice and not to argue – she sent her to another area and gave her trusted people to live with her. Thus, Kula became the founder of the town of Kula, and Vida remained in her home.

When she learned that the Turks were approaching the town, she gathered her people and instructed them to build towers to hide the population. And everyone worked: day and night, building towers, which today bear the name of “Babini Vidini Kuli” (kula means tower).